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Another big advantage we have is our birds!  Please allow me a minute to talk about pen raised birds.  I know many of you have hunted at other preserves and have experienced less than stellar flight performance from "their" birds.  This leads many hunters to say things like: "Pen raised birds are junk, they can't fly and they act like chickens."  A lot of these performance issues have to do with the genetics of the bird, the conditions in which the birds are kept and also the food they are fed.  Our pheasants are the smaller Chinese Ringnecks.  Some people call them "bluebacks."  Whatever you call them they are the fastest, wildest and best performing pheasants you will find at any preserve.  We raise them in isolation, feed them only high quality game bird feed and maintain large flight pens so the birds look and perform just like any wild pheasant you might find anywhere in North America.  You don't have to take my word for it look at our Testimonials Page and see what our clients have said about their hunt and our birds.

Our Chukar Partridge are a cross between European Red Leg Partridge and the Eurasian Chukar Partridge.  They are a hybrid cross that we feel out performs the pure bred chukar.  Our bird is slightly smaller than the pure bred chukar and much wilder!  The Red Leg genes seem to impart a characteristic that makes these birds want to hide in the cover better and explode into fight when flushed.  Give them a try, we think you will agree they are not your average Chukar!


Bear Creek Hunt Club was established in 1999 and was created specifically to offer a hunting experience unlike what was available at other preserves. It took a number of seasons to establish the habitat and cover we wanted to make the upland paradise we envisioned but today we are proud to say: No one can can offer you a better hunting experience than we can. The reason we can say this is what we call:


  • Here at Bear Creek Hunt Club it's all about the hunt!  Unlike a lot of preserves that lease their lands and are unable or unwilling to manage the land for the best habitat, we own our land and have a specific habitat plan in place to improve our cover every year.  This gives us a huge advantage over other preserves that are "stuck" with whatever cover or lack of cover there is on their leased land.

  • We are not a Country Club!  Our Farms are planted to native grasses and food plots to create diverse heavy cover that will challenge even the most seasoned hunters and their dogs.  More importantly our cover will hold birds!

  • We are not a farmer trying to do hunts on the side.  Nothing against a guy trying to make some extra money but farmers raise crops as their primary source of income.  Harvested crop fields make for lousy pheasant hunting!  Try chasing a pheasant across a picked corn field or cut over hay field, most of the birds will run out the end of the field before you ever get a shot at them.  Our fields are planted to create the best cover possible for 8 months of pheasant hunting.  Our food plots are left standing throughout the winter to provide food and cover for the birds!  We hunt right through the heart of the winter and the reason we can do this is because we have the cover that holds birds all season long!
  • Most importantly we are not some fly by night operation trying to make a quick buck!  Offering the best Pheasant hunting possible is what we are all about.  We developed this land to create a pheasant hunting paradise.  We have been in business for 23 seasons and every year we are improving our farms to create the best hunting habitat possible.  We must be doing something right; 80% of our customers are repeat clients.  Our business has grown every year.  Come experience it for yourself.  WE GUARANTEE YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!