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Rob- this is Joe L. we hunted at Bear Creek last year and loved it.  Wanted to see about scheduling another hunt this season.


Joe L.


Rob - just a quick note to say thanks!  Thoroughly enjoyed myself and was very impressed with your operation. I'm planning on getting out a couple times more still this season.   Given my school schedule, there are times that I may have free on relatively short notice - how much notice do you need from me to set up a hunt with a guide and a dog like yesterday?
Again, thanks!
- Jonathan Nelson


Had a ball, thanks again to you and the staff.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Major Briggs
U.S.A.F. Retired



Attached are the pictures from Saturday's hunt.  We had a great time, the birds were strong fliers, as near wild as I have seen!  The fields and cover were very good.


Wayne P.
West Virginia 


Rob and Rus,

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how grateful I am for allowing me the opportunity to hunt your land.  The cover diversity and rolling hills made for a nice days hunt.  I was able to find all 5 birds by the second pass through the cover.  I did check out the farm edge to edge but concentrated on the western side of the farm where the birds were planted.  In the process my dog tracked 2 more roosters.  Every bird ran before the flush and was reluctant to flush.  The birds are big and strong.  I have never had the opportunity to hunt an abundance of wild birds but I have found a few.  The birds you have reminded me a lot of that behavior.  The cover provided allowed for the birds to hide or run.  The cover wasn't so thick and impossible that you couldn't get off a shot when the birds flushed.  Awesome experience gentlemen!!! 

My dad's birthday present is to go hunting on a preserve.  I have done the "hunt in a can" meaning lots of birds in a small area.  The shooting is good but the hunting is almost nil with that kind of preserve.  Since you offer something totally different, I suggested we come to Bear Creek for his birthday.

Thanks you again for the awesome experience!! "
God Bless,
Jim H.


"Thanks for the hunt yesterday.  My son and I both had a great time and it is something we want to repeat in the future.  The dogs did a great job and it's always fun hunting over them.  Again, we appreciate your efforts.  You have a great thing going!"  

Mike and Joe


Hey Rob,

"I want to thank you again for providing your place and hospitality for our Veterans Hunt.  You have a great looking operation, and I certainly plan on returning for a hunting trip of my own.  Your Iron Man hunt sounds great!

I will be writing a story about the hunt and will send it to national SCI  for their publications, as well as our chapter newsletter.  I'll send a copy to you.  Hopefully the story will be a nice advertisement and you will get more business from it.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you."

Ron L.
Lansing Area Chapter SCI


" I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable day hunting.  The group had a great time hunting at Bear Creek.  We enjoyed the Roosters only hunting which allowed us to teach the young hunters to identify what they are shooting at.  You were very kind to our large group and we look forward to another Fairhaven Baptist Church father son/daughter hunt."

Mark D.