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Before you book your next hunting trip whether it is at a local preserve or a resort out west, here are some things you should consider:  What is the total cost of the days hunt?  What kind of cover will you find at the preserve your considering?  How big is the area you will get to hunt?  What type of hunting will you be doing?  Will you have to hunt with other people in the field?  What amenities are provided?  How many birds can you harvest in a day's hunt?  Travel time?  Fuel costs?  License cost?  Overnight stay cost?

  • We feel if you look at all these things objectively and you add up all the costs involved with making a hunting trip out west or even trying to hunt "wild" pheasants locally you cannot find a better deal than what Bear Creek Hunt Club offers you for a half or even a whole day of pheasant hunting.  Our No Bag Limit policy along with all the free amenities we offer make our pricing a bargain when compared to other preserves or hunting resorts.  The price for our basic hunt package is a FRACTION of what you would pay to hunt in South Dakota and out there your limit is 3 birds per day.  At Bear Creek our half day hunt gets you 5 birds released per person and no limit on the number of birds harvested!  I know there are some of you who say you only hunt "wild" birds.  Well let me tell you a little secret.  If you've ever hunted SD at any commercial hunting operation you have hunted pen raised birds.  By law all commercial hunting operations in SD must release pheasants.  So all those places that claim your hunting only "wild birds" are just giving you a sales pitch to try and make you think your hunting only wild pheasants.  Don't believe me, look up the rules for commercial hunting resorts in SD.

  • My point in telling you all this is to show you that you don't need to drive 16+ hours to hunt pheasants.  Bear Creek Hunt Club can provide you with a first rate hunting experience while saving you both time and money.  In fact I would argue that with our intense habitat management, private farms, no bag limit policy and full amenities, we offer the best hunting deal in the entire Midwest!

  • Looking to do a multiple day hunt-we can accommodate that.  In fact a number of guests come in for an afternoon hunt one day stay overnight at one of the local hotels and come back the next morning for a hunt before heading home that afternoon.  It gets you two great days of hunting and gets you back to work or home with just one nights stay in a hotel.  Call or email us for more details.

  • Would you like your birds cleaned?  Or maybe you want lunch after your hunt?  Maybe you want an all-inclusive hunt, with all of the above as well as one of our guides and their well trained pointing dogs.  We can do that.  In fact whether your a do it yourself kind of hunter or want to entertain a group of your best clients we have a hunt that will fit any budget.  Please look over our various hunt packages or look at our Special Hunts Page and see what kind of hunts we offer.  Feel free to give us a call or email us with any questions you have or to discuss what kind of hunt you would like to arrange.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Come experience: